3 "WEIRD" but EASY tips to help weight loss!

Hey what's going on guys we are back on our weekly article grind the holidays brought us some time crunch and the articles weren’t pumping as fast as we thought they would be! Nonetheless today we wanted to talk about three NEW ideas for weight loss that you probably haven’t heard of. 

The first concept is to eat slower, studies have proven to show that when you eat your brain and digestive system releases certain satiety hormones dependent on the speed of you eating, moreover the amount you chew. There are many studies done to show the correlation of satiety and chewing speed, the faster and less you chew the more hungry you are. So a quick way to make sure you are maximizing your diet tactics, when eating your next meal, try to eat slower, chew more. There will be a tremendous difference in your appetite and the amount of food you eat.

The second concept, actually requires you to eat more… kind of. The second concept is hard to get people to understand because they don’t understand the way macronutrients work in the body. To be more specific, the second idea is to eat more PROTEIN. Protein for two main reasons is more thermogenic than carbohydrates and fats, which means the body requires more energy to burn protein as a macronutrient. Protein is built up of a complex amino acids which are used to repair and rebuild tissue. When consuming protein the body utilizes more energy to break down the protein’s complex amino acid profile. Furthermore, protein helps to release satiety hormones in high amounts, especially in a lower carbohydrate environment. When being metabolized, due to its complexity, protein digestion releases certain peptides that increase hormones to blunt appetite. This allows for pathways to the brain via hormones ghrelin to be increased to tell the body that we are full. 

The last concept, has little scientific merit, and probably no direct scientific merit but is something I used and have people used to help them feel more full. This is the consumption of low sugar gum and lower calorie snacks in higher volume. A lot of times people don’t see fat loss due to three pieces of food in their meals… three!!! Instead of feeling hungry all the time or feeling shitty when on a diet, using satiety tricks is really important in staying sustainable. The only scientific merit of chewing gum is the release of saliva when chewing gum which is directly correlated to the release of gut peptide PYY that help to tell the brain there is no need for more food. Low calorie snacks such as fruit or grains throughout the day allow you to get fiber, which is important in digestion and blood glucose regulation. 

When it comes to weight loss there are tons of components that go into the formula, it seems that there are many ways that we can develop strategies to attack incidental weight gain. The more and more we look into weight loss as a process, we further our understanding as to why weight loss is either not happening or weight gain is happening.

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