About Water BuffaloTM 🐃

About Water BuffaloTM 🐃

Water Buffalo TM is a brand that was started at the end of 2019 to plant a seed in the ever growing fitness community. When the brand was first started the owner of the company, Matthew Nguyen, wanted an entity that he could use to help others in their fitness, bodybuilding, and lifestyle goals. During the beginning of the company Matt had help from friends and family to help get the word around. Some of the biggest helping hands were Lauren, Lawerence,  and Chase. 

Throughout the year of 2020 with COVID-19 hitting and a large amount of small businesses getting wiped out, Matthew and his small team kept trying new things with the brand. Eventually the training program platform WBTM had designed and created had over 100 members which was a great stepping stone for other areas of the business. 

We started to get more and more apparel, and decided we take a stab in a new area. This new area was the supplement game. We decided to come out with a pre-workout supplement called Buff Sauce. We were really excited by the positive feedback we got, and really hyped to know that our customer base loved it. 

From here we decided to continue to keep producing the merch that everyone loves, more flavors of our pre-workout and a new product called B3 which is the industries first TRUE EAA/ NOOTROPIC product. Alongside our product and business development we have started a podcast called Buff Talk in where we chat about all things fitness/lifestyle/motivation related, we currently are more than halfway to our road to 100 episodes!

Looking into the future we definitely want to continue our supplement line, continue with our merchandise - focusing on the gear everyone really loves, and overall continue providing value to each and everyone who supports the brand. After being around for a bit of time now we have added individuals to our team that assist with producing content and value to the brand like Annika, Chris, Mike, Jose and more! We are always looking to collab with new people and new faces that share the same passion and drive that we do. 

As we continue to keep growing the company we appreciate all support and any suggestions to making us better. Thanks for always being apart of WBTM!


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