How to apply bodybuilding to YOUR lifestyle...?

How to apply bodybuilding to YOUR lifestyle...?


When many people think about this sport they have mixed emotions. Some love it, some think its weird, and some think its too extreme. I am here to tell you otherwise!

Now, most likely what you know about bodybuilding is that it requires tan dudes to jump on a stage, and flex in front of everyone virtually naked. You know that it takes a lot of dieting, and a lot of STEROIDS (biggest misconception for some), and a shit ton of training. However, bodybuilding is VERY different than what is perceived. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, competitive bodybuilding is actually just a small portion of the lifestyle that bodybuilders live. 

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle actually has a lot of beneficial factors that build up to it. Bodybuilding is a component of many physical, mental, and physiological factors. Some of these are as following:


Weight Training, Posing, The Act of Eating, The Act of Sleeping, Recovering (yoga, mobility work) and Cardio Training 


Being able to have a strong mental mindset: Hard work, dedication, patience, persistence, consistency, and passion.


The science behind building muscle/burning fat, the science of proper nutrition, the science behind sleeping, the science behind training, all of the body reactions to food, hormone levels, energy levels, and much more!

Now as someone who goes to the gym you might say, "well, this doesn't matter to me as much, I just want to go to the gym and be healthy". Well, many of these factors can actually help you do this much more easily!

Here are three examples of how this might be possible:

For the Physical Aspect, We will use posing. Many bodybuilders pose every single day, in between workouts, and at specified times to practice bringing out their muscle groups. Now, this might seem pointless to you, but practicing certain poses can actually help you "build" that area of your body more. You won't be physically putting on any muscle (or at least not in any quick time), but you will be showing yourself ways to "show off" those lagging body parts in accordance with your weaknesses! So practice posing to be aware of how your muscles look!

For the Mental Aspect, We will use the aspect of being persistent. Being consistent is important, even if you are not a bodybuilder! When trying to stay in shape and make some fitness goals it is CRUCIAL to be consistent. Whether that be your diet, your workouts, or your recovery, being consistent is key. Now this may sound generic, but if you look at bodybuilders they are consistent year-round, that is their norm. If you can try being 5 percent more consistent, you will make leaps and bounds of progress!

For the Physiological Aspect, We will use the science behind eating. Some people who go to the gym do not understand how calories affect them. When you're a bodybuilder you KNOW this stuff and LIVE it. Now a normal gym-goer might have no IDEA on how muscle is built, or fat is burned! Learning about the basic physiological factors in the body can help you grasp WHY you have to eat a certain way! 

Now that you have seen how taking parts from bodybuilding, while not necessarily being one is CRUCIAL to take some action. There are plenty of online resources that can teach you this stuff, INCLUDING our FREE E-Books. Just let us know!

We hope you enjoyed this blog!


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