Water Buffalo Training Method

Water Buffalo Training Method: Phase 2

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Phase 2


Part 2 of a complete 100 day training program designed to fit your fitness goals and needs. From over 150 instructional video commentary on exercises, to a fully customizable diet protocol, to daily energy and recovery techniques. WBTM is prideful in being the most interactive and intuitive training program on the market. 


What do you get with the program?

- Daily video commentary of workouts from Matthew Nguyen.

- Daily Calorie Goals broken down by macronutrients.

- Daily quotes hand picked to help motivate you to reach your goals.

- Daily supplementation advice.

- Daily external sources for rest and mobility. 

- Weekly Cardio Regimes

- Weekly Articles Written by Matt Nguyen

- Weekly Check ins

- Access to a private facebook group to answer any of your fitness questions.

- 10 percent off all merchandise on the website/ personalized coaching services by the WBTM team.


-2 Free E-Books with over 600 pages of additional content on diet, supplementation, and nutrition.

- Alternatives to diet/supplementation/ and workouts listed in literature only!