Water Buffalo Training Method

"The Buffest" COMING SOON!

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Water Buffalo Training Method proudly presents an event that is going to BREAK the fitness community. This is the Water Buffalo's spin-off of traditional weightlifting or powerlifting competition. This event will be held at the WBTM gym raising money for the lower-income communities and their youth in the South Florida community.

The event will be a competition based weight-lifting competition where we will test:

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Determination

The event will be based on the THREE main lifts:

  • Squat- (Your body weight multiplied by 1.5 for as many reps)

  • Bench- (Your body weight for as many reps)

  • Deadlift- (Double your body weight for as many reps.

We plan on having food, music, and free merchandise giveaways during this event. As well as the top THREE winners getting prizes for their excellent performance during the competition. We are hoping to have over 25 competitors at the event and hoping to make it an incredible experience for everyone who joins.

If you are interested in signing up for the event, please feel free to purchase an entry ticket for the LOW price of 14.99 before we increase the price! Also, reach out to us with any questions!

More event details will be coming soon...